Human Resource Management Essay

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1 Introduction This is an outline of basic studies of human resource management, strategic human resource management, Recruitment, Selection, Training & Performance and the link between them. The main focus is laid on Recruitment, Selection & Training and their impact on the performance of the business. This context has also detailed different models and theories and approaches of human resource and strategic human resource management as a part of literature review of this study. 1.1 Human Resource Management Human Resource Management (HRM) in all its form has been present for a long time and is just what it says; how to manage the human resources in organisations. Unlike other resources like capital, inventories or machinery, the human resource is far more complex and changing (chattel, 2001) and the concept has evolved significantly during the decades it has been around. Christensen Hughes, (2002) discusses that HRM is characterized as the function of an organizational dealing with recruitment, selection, training and development processes, i.e. managing human resources such as knowledge, skills and potential. Karri (1999) argues that it is not enough for a firm to design HR as a function but should further consider the competency level of HR managers. Globalization has created a need for the department of HRM to search for mobile and skilled employees who enable the organization to achieve its goals, and that the management of these human resources is vital to the organization’s success. The overall purpose of human resource management is to ensure that the organization is able to achieve success through people. These are strategic decisions made to ensure that the organization have skilled, well motivated and committed employees. 1.1.1 Primary Activities in HRM (goals of HRM) According to French (2003) every organization consists of people,

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