Human Resource Management Essay

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What are the HRM problems that you identify in your professional environment today? I work for an Express Cargo Airline which is leading the Indian air express market specialising in time-definite scheduled freight services for overnight next day delivery of Express and Cargo Loads. The typical human resource problems that i recognise in my working environment are as follows: Costs The biggest challenge faced by our HR Professionals as in any business is cost management and is a major factor to the success or failure of our business. In most businesses today, the people part of the business is the most likely place for cuts when the company follows Cost Leadership. Consider the expenses that involve the people part of our business: 1. Training costs 2. Health-care benefits 3. Hiring process costs And many more… B. Employee privacy Can we read employee e-mail or monitor Internet usage? What about the use of surveillance cameras? Is it legal? Can we search employees, or their workplace, belongings or cars? C. Performance Management Strategies for dealing with a problem employee such as: Is it safe to ramp up the heat on a new hire that may not be working out or on a protected-class employee that isn’t responding to counselling ? Also, group performance issues concurrent with culture changes or business cycle needs. D. Employee access to personnel files Does the law require us to allow an employee to see or copy his file? What are the pros & cons of allowing it versus not? We just got a letter from an attorney requesting files. Do we have to send them? We have employees in a few other states. Are the rules different there? E. Contracted Employees versus Full Time Employees. What’s the difference between an independent contracted individual and an employee? Why can’t I just pay this person as in a contract
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