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SERVICE QUALITY DIMENSIONS IN HOTEL INDUSTRY. A SERVQUAL APPROACH Carmen Claudia Lungu “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University Iasi/Romania Abstract The article reviews the issues on measuring service quality, on defining the dimensions of service quality and the way in which the measuring models applies to hotel industry. The literature review illustrated that the most common model used in hotel industry is SERVQUAL, even though it is also most criticized. Using comparing method, this study examines the differences found between the number of service quality dimensions, the service quality dimensions content and the rank of each dimension. This paper also gather the recommendations made by researchers for improving the future studies on service quality in hotel industry. Keywords: SERVQUAL, service quality dimensions, hotel industry, literature review 1. INTRODUCTION The relationship between service quality and organizational performance in service industry has often been emphasized and demonstrated by an large amount of examples. In 1980 Jan Carlson, the president of Scandinavian Airlines System, managed to turnaround a loss year into a profitable business, by managing "moments of truth". This is the reason that strongly supports the significant impact of service quality on the business performance of those who adopt customer orientation approach. The same opinion is embraced by Juran and Gryna (1993), which claimed that in a log-term view, the most important factor affecting business performance is the quality of goods and services offered by organization compared to its competitors. [10] Thus, since 1978, when one of the first service quality models was developed, a variety of other models tried to explain the factors that determine the quality of services and to measure the service quality dimensions in order to

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