Human Resource Management Essay

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Human Resource Management and the Wall Street Journal Abstract Forecasting is best described as an organizations attempt to predict different elements of the organizations future. The Wall Street Journal article explains how forecasting within the copper industry have mixed thoughts, leaving those organizations clueless when planning for the future. Forecasters use statistics and charts that are factual; however it is a prediction which means the unexpected can happen. Recruiting is a technique used by human resource professionals in an attempt to provide the organization with potential employees. The article in the Wall Street Journal provides tips for those potential employees throughout the recruiting process. Recruiting is used in all organizations and can provide opportunities for both sides in the recruiting process. “Empowering workers by adding more decision-making authority to jobs,” is the definition of job enrichment (Noe et al, 110). The Wall Street Journal article explains a different way companies are able to promote job enrichment in the workforce to create meaningfulness to the job for employees. Empowering employees gives them a sense of meaning to the organization and helps promote quality work. Unions are members of an organization that represent their member’s best interest in dealing with employers or management (Noe et al, 421). The stereotypical assumption of a union consists of instigating conflict in an organization having a negative impact on the organizations health. However, if assembled correctly the employer can benefit and the employee even more so. “A strike is a collective decision of the union members not to work until certain demands or conditions are met (Noe et al, 442).” A strike is an aggressive action with a powerful meaning, and can be very effective under certain circumstances. Collective bargaining was

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