Human Resource Development – the Road Map for Bangladesh Towards Poverty Alleviation Essay

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PF/3677/Dissertation HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT – THE ROAD MAP FOR BANGLADESH TOWARDS POVERTY ALLEVIATION INTRODUCTION 1. Human resource of a nation forms the sound basis for its sustainable economic and social development. Optimum utilization of human resource requires a well-perceived policy for Human Resource Development (HRD) and efficient system for resource mobilization. HRD is the improvement of potential in totality, aiming towards socio-economic progress. This is a planned and systematic attempt to develop the people needed to do a job properly. It is a continuous process, which results in eradication of illiteracy, education and training at all levels, and development of values of the people. It enlarges people’s choice – what people do and can do in their lives. Thus, HRD is a total development concept of individuals with regards to all round well-being. 2. It is the human capacity, which transforms the passive natural resources into active agents of production. It is in fact the absolute necessity to develop the human capability for the economic development of a country. In other words, the highest level of development of a country is possible only when properly trained manpower is available according to the technological needs of the country. Accepting this model, many Asian countries transformed themselves from largely agrarian, underdeveloped economies into dynamic industrial and export powerhouses. This demands a broader approach of HRD in a densely populated country. 3. Bangladesh has one of the most vulnerable economics, characterized by extremely high population density and low resource base. The core of the problems consists of population pressure, which affects the pace of development and poverty reduction. In a resource-poor country with a big population like Bangladesh, human potential must be turned into real resource

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