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Human Resource Development Essay

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This project is for academic purpose. It was assigned to us as an assignment and project of our course “Human Resource Development” given to us by our course advisor Mam Zahra Amjad. In the project we have we have done need assessment analysis on one of the earliest and biggest bank of Pakistan   Habib Bank Limited (HBL) .We have personally paid a visit to one of the main branch of HBL to gather the information. The need assessment was required on training and development which was thoroughly explained by the HRM manger of that branch Syed Mussadiq Hussain who cooperated with us for our project.

Need Assessment
In the HRD field needs assessment first gained recognition as an essential step within the instructional design process. Program planners and developers generally have agreed that needs assessment is a crucial first step for any training or educational initiative to be successful. The focus of needs assessment in the last decade has evolved, although the mechanics of the process remain much the same. It is no longer viewed primarily as a step within the instructional design process, but rather as a broader analysis of performance problems and how they can be solved. This perspective has allowed HRD professionals to see needs assessment from a more holistic, systemic viewpoint.

Broad Definition
Within the human resources field, numerous definitions and models for needs assessment, each with subtle differences, have been proposed. For most researchers and practitioners, needs assessment is an investigative process with the purpose of connecting an organization's performance problems or opportunities for performance improvement to specific human performance interventions. Needs assessment thus also entails the process of distinguishing the components of performance problems that should be addressed by training from those that should...

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