Human Resource Essay

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Manage Human Resource Services 1. Outline the difference between strategic plans and operational plans Strategic plans are the long term plans and goals of an organisation, whereas operational plans are shorter term; more about detailing the day to day operations of the organisation. Operational plans need to keep the strategic goals in mind so that the organisation will reach their longer term goals. HR requirements are necessary both in strategic and operational plans. Within operational plans, the HR strategies are important to enable the employees and human sector of the organisation to function appropriately. The human element of an organisation must be aware of their roles, adequately trained and treated fairly to ensure they carry out operational tasks. This, is turn, enables the strategic plans to work. 2. Explain how performance management works Performance management is successful when the expectations and obligations of employees align with the strategic plan of the organisation. Performance management should ensure that employees’ behaviour and outputs are consistent with the long term goals of the organisation and that the two complement each other. If an employee is not meeting the objectives set out by the strategic and operational plans, then it is up to the HR manager to performance manage the employee to fit into these plans or seek employment elsewhere. Therefore, performance management is not only a way to ensure that employees are supporting the organisation towards its strategic goals, but also a way in which an employee can develop skills and learn more about their own career goals. 3. Why do HR personnel need to be aware of relevant legislation? There is a lot of legislation which HR personnel need to be aware of and it is important that it is enforced and taken into account when making HR decisions. Employees need to
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