Human Resource Essay

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studies show that employees who use social networking sites are 9 percent more productive than those who don't [source: Fahmy] Researchers credit social networking sites with giving workers needed brain breathers. When you take a couple of minutes to check up on the people and organizations you follow on Twitter, your mind gets a break from writing that tedious annual report. Additionally, it seems that people who are more social by nature and are connected to a variety of people through social networking sites are better people-persons in the workplace, which means they're skilled at interacting with others and solving problems. Social networking can also help companies track consumer trends and explore marketing strategies. Companies spend millions of dollars on software designed to block social networking sites. But several studies have shown that personal Web browsing can increase productivity and thus increase profits. However, the study only researched those who used these sites in moderation, or less than 20 percent of their total time at work. People with addictive Internet habits might be less productive. Another study conducted by AT&T also found that the use of social networking tools increased efficiency. The company, which sells Internet connection services (a fact that reveals its stake in the matter), conducted an independent study that survey 2,500 employees in five European countries. Of the employees using social networking sites: • Sixty-five percent said social networking made their colleagues and themselves more efficient workers. • Forty-six percent found that it gave them more ideas and made them more creative. • Thirty-eight percent found that social networking helped them to gain knowledge and come up with solutions to problems. • Thirty-six percent reported that social networking allowed them to collect knowledge about employees

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