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[pic] INTRODUCTION TO HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT HRM 533 INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT CASE STUDIES LINKING UP WITH TALENT AT OSRAM SYLVANIA AND RAMBO GOES VIOLENT PREPARED FOR: MADAM ETTY HARNIZA BINTI HARUN PREPARED BY: NURUL SYAZWANI BINTI ZAINOL 2011981777 (GROUP KBM220/2A) SUBMISSION DATE: 20TH OF DECEMBER 2012 SEMESTER SEPTEMBER 2012-JANUARY 2013 CHAPTER 5 : CASE STUDY 1 (PAGE 706-707) LINKING UP WITH TALENT AT OSRAM SYLVANIA ABSTRACT Basically, the case study is all about online recruitment. Online recruitment uses the power of the internet to match people to jobs. Fundamentally, it is about advertising vacancies on either job sites or corporate websites. At this very basic level it is particularly effective at getting a high level of response. While it may generate hundreds more applications than traditional print advertising, simply attracting more candidates is only part of the job. Traditionally, recruiters use large job boards, niche job boards, as well as social and business networking to locate these individuals. The immediate goal of Internet recruiting is to find individuals that a recruiter or company can present to hiring managers for the purpose of employment. Quite often, Internet recruiters have very short-term goals when it comes to recruiting online. The growing popularity of Internet-based research has been attributed to a number of factors, including the possible efficiencies in time and money, the capacity to reach a geographically diverse sample, and the ability to ensure the anonymity of participants. Nevertheless, a broad range of Internet-based recruitment strategies have been utilized to attract participants to Internet-based studies, including direct emails to personal contacts, organization members, or student populations, email snowballing,

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