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Employee Retention Guide Prepared by Cheryl Leitschuh, Ed.D., LP   Introduction The Work/Life and Women’s Initiatives Executive Committee is a diverse group of professionals with vast experience in public accounting, corporate America, consulting, government, academia, human resources, career coaching, diversity issues and recruiting. The Committee develops guidelines, resources, best practices and checklists to assist members in understanding the complexities surrounding work/life effectiveness, women’s advancement and employee retention. This Guide is part of a series that is published from time to time to assist the profession. If you have any comments or questions about this brochure, please contact We welcome your feedback.  Recruiting and Retention Strategies One question all employers have asked themselves is, “How do we keep top performers?” This is especially crucial right now, with the desire for good talent at an all-time high, and fierce competition for that limited talent pool. Therefore, employers need to develop strategies for recruiting the right people — and retaining their current high performers. Retention Guide When studying employers of choice, there are certain employment practices they have in common: • Giving employees the responsibility and the authority to get things done — empowering them • Treating employees with respect and trust — as though they are the company’s most valuable asset • Providing employees with knowledge and information • Providing feedback on performance and recognizing achievement • Creating an environment where people want to work and have fun, leading to high morale • Hiring the right people Read on for ideas that tie in with the employment practices frequently used by employers of choice to help

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