Human Relations Abilities

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CHAPTER 1 Human Relations Abilities Assessment Questionnaire Deanna Gruich Directions: Stuart C. Baker Check the box number 1 to 5 that best represents your response to each statement. Review the following before you complete the form: (1) Strongly disagree (never do this); (2) Disagree (rarely do this); (3) Moderately agree (sometimes do this); (4) Agree (frequently do this); (5) Strongly agree (almost always do this). The purpose of this questionnaire is to help you assess those attitudes and skills that contribute to effective human relations. An honest response to each item will help you determine your areas of strength and those areas that need improvement. Completion of this self-assessment will provide you with information needed to develop a plan for improving your human relations. 1 2 3 4 5 1. I am an effective communicator who sends clear concise verbal messages. 2. When people talk, I listen attentively and frequently use active listening skills. 3. I am conscious of how I express nonverbal messages (facial expression, tone of voice, body language, etc.) when communicating with others. 4. When forming attitudes about important matters I maintain an open mind, listen to the views of others, but think for myself. 5. I make every effort to maintain a positive mental attitude toward other people and the events in my life. 6. I seek feedback and clarification on the influence of my attitudes and behaviors on others. 7. I am willing to change my attitudes and behaviors in response to constructive feedback from others. 8. I constantly monitor my self-talk in order to maintain high self-esteem. 9. I tend to be future oriented and not overly
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