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Scenario Self Esteem: Pat rarely misses work and is seldom late. Pat enjoys working in the office environment because it allows many opportunities to meet and talk to others during the day. However, at this new job, Pat finds it extremely difficult to join in on the conversations around the coffee machine. As a parent, Pat does not have much in common with the other employees. For example, the other employees do not watch children’s television shows or attend their children’s soccer games. All the employees seem to talk about is the club scene and talk shows. In addition, Pat would like to develop a friendship with Chris but is hesitant to start any sort of conversation with this person. Despite the opportunities for Pat to make friendships at work, Pat goes home feeling alone and isolated. Respond to the following items: 1. Differentiate between the terms self-concept, self-esteem, and self-efficacy. Self-esteem is what one feels about themselves or their self-concept. The feeling of being worthy of being happy, and whether or not you deserve it. Good ways to develop higher self-esteem are things like being praised, listened to, having success as a child. If you don’t receive these as a child, there are still many ways of developing a positive self-esteem with experiences in one’s adult life, such as, procedural fairness, leadership, self-rewards (intrinsic motivation, and achievement motivation). Self-concept is basically a description of one’s self and what we think. People with positive self-esteem tend to have a positive self-concept. Things that might be included are what your job is, career, family, and other things in one’s life. Then there is self-efficacy, which is basically having the confidence that you can do a specific task. Having a high self-efficacy you believe that you have the ability to do a task well. Self-concept and

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