Human Relations Essay

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How can the development of human relation skills help you on the job as a manager? As an entrepreneur? As an employee? Human relations is the skill or ability to work effectively through and with other people. Human relations includes a desire to understand others, their needs and weaknesses, and their talents and abilities. For anyone in a workplace setting, human relations also involves an understanding of how people work together in groups, satisfying both individual needs and group objectives. If an organization is to succeed, the relationships among the people in that organization must be monitored and maintained. The development of human relation skills also known as interpersonal skills will help me as a manager on the job to understand and communicate with others. It will also help me to lead motivate and develop team spirit. Development of human relation skills is very important to management because a business cannot be managed without the cooperation of subordinates. A manager with good human relation skills will retain employees longer, be more productive, and provide employees with an enjoyable job environment As the owner of my own business people skills are very important for my business success. Being the owner of the business I will have direct contact with client, suppliers and subordinates, and good interpersonal skills will ensure that I retain my clients and my workers with be kept motivated and happy which will decrease employee turnover. As an employee, the development of interpersonal or human relation skill s are very important. This will help me to succeed at my job. Making a good impression on my superior, peers, and all other co-workers will set me on a good track. Development of human skills is also very important to the advancement of my career and will affect the way in which my fellow employees, supervisors, and customers

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