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Human Relations Strategy in the Hospitality Field Melissa Wright #4485203 HRMT 101-Human Relations Communications 11/18/13 Computer analyzed personality tests are often perceived as ‘rigged’. However, we forget that the data used are answers the test takers have given themselves. Deciding on which personality test to take is the more important question. Online you will find numerous tests evaluating personality to career interests; so pin pointing exactly what you are trying to accomplish from the assessment is key. This paper will describe my human relations strategy for success within my career relating to the overview of personality and career tests I have taken. For the past 5 years I have worked in the Hospitality field holding such positions as a property manager, hotel front desk agent and currently as an event and wedding coordinator. The first thing that comes to my mind when talking hospitality is being hospitable. I was intrigued to take the Career Values assessment in order to see if the career I have chosen is a good fit for my personality. said “While there's a lot to be said for technical competence, personality is one of the most vital components of success in the hospitality industry.” (HCareers, 2009) A restaurant may have good food however is the service is poor the restaurant will not be successful. Once I had completed the assessment I was happy to read the overview stating that being in control of events (myself) is a strong motivator for you. Many times I am the one creating the marketing materials and out promoting the event as if it was my own. The progress of ticket sales is definitely a motivator for me to work my hardest to do more! I was also pleased to read that I feel most satisfied in directive roles with high level of responsibility. I enjoy the pressure on myself to make the event successful and gladly

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