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Human Relations case study; Positive Relationship Thursday 13th February 2014 Question 1 In a work environment it is critical to develop professional relationships in order to maximize on the cohesiveness of employees with specific focus on attaining departmental goals thus advancing the company’s objectives. From a glance it is obvious that Lee has created positive relationships with her co-workers however the relationship which she has created although positive on one hand ought not to be nourished in a professional environment. The nature of Lee’s relationship with her co-workers ought to be classified as collusive and may prove futuristically destructive to the company. 1 There is collusion in allowing Lee to arrive at work late on most days. 2 There is also collusion in allowing Lee to visit with her friend down the hall. 3 The trade off of this collusion seems to be Lee assisting her peers with their duties. Lee and June clearly demonstrate the ability to communicate, and trust each other, there is also awareness and acceptance of the relationship thus negating conflicts. Therefore although positive in a personal capacity it proves negative in a professional environment. Question 2 We think June admires Lee and displays respect for her ability to perform on the job because she can count on her for assistance when needed. We also think the possibility may exist that June is intimidated by Lee’s motivation, confidence, and ability on the job hence the appearance of Lee functioning at leisure. Question 3 The ways that Lee is ignoring good human relations skills while dealing with June are: 1 Lee is inconsiderate 2 She does not pull her full weight 3 She is a burden on June 4 There is no respect for June’s time 5 Lee did not return the favour to June 6 Her personal interest (friend down the hall) conflicts with her duties 7 Lee is not aware

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