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Question (a) Human relations is a field of study of why people’s beliefs, attitudes and behaviour sometimes cause relationship problem in our personal life and in work-related situations. (Reece & Brandt) Human relations, in noun, is the study of group behaviour for the purpose of improving interpersonal relationships, as among employees. Human relations cover all types of interaction among people- their conflict, cooperative effort, and group relationship. Besides that, human relations is also a study of how beliefs, attitudes and behaviours can cause problems in personal and professional relationships. All the companies that organised and managed well understand that all work is done through relationships. In conclusion, Human relations is the skill or ability to work effectively through and with other people. In all aspect of life, you will deal with other people around you. No matter what you do for a living or how well you do it, your relationship with others is the key to your success or failure. Question (b) I am agree with the view that all work is done through relationships. There is always different kind of relationship among one person with people, employees and employers. For example, a company needs the employees to get all the work done efficiently and effectively. So the company needs to give trust and bringing benefits to the employees in return. Employees’ dislocation may result in low morale and mistrust of management. The skills of communicating among people is called as interpersonal skills, it is the essential for success in most jobs. ‘No matter what we do, we do it with people. People create technology. People implement the technology. People make it all happen. People ultimately use whatever it is we create. No matter how small your organization or how technical its process, it takes people to be successful.’(Harry E. Chambers)

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