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Nichole Hallick Human Relations 1110-91 Reflection Letter When looking over the journal I recorded to keep track of how I spend my time I noticed a few things. I do spend most of my time doing things that match my values. Most of my time on the weekends is spent with my children, taking them to church activities and sport activities. Beginning with Friday I got the kids ready for school in the morning, when they were at school I spent time cleaning the house, and running a few small errands that were important. When they got home I went with my sister to take our girls to church for praise dancing they participate in on Friday nights. After praise dancing I picked my son up from playing basketball at his school. Saturday mornings I take my daughter and my niece to gymnastics and my sister picks them up. That is our arrangement because parents are not allowed to stay because the kids get too distracted. My daughter spent the night with my sister, and since my boyfriend was out of town, my son and I were home alone. We got some Chinese food and ate dinner together, but my son had friends over, so he stayed upstairs with his friends, and I stayed downstairs. It occurred to me that even when he and I are in the house alone that we don’t really interact. But then again he is a teenage boy and he would probably rather hang out with his friends on Saturday night, than with his mom! Sunday morning he did not want to come to church, so I let him stay home, and went to church with my sisters and my mom. After church we all went out for breakfast. Overall, when I look at how I spent my time over the last few days I did spend my time putting my children and my family first, and I am very satisfied overall that my time with my family and my children is very well in line with my values of my children and my

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