Human Population: Mitigation and Solutions

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Human Population: Mitigation and Solutions University of Phoenix SCI 275 November 04, 2012 Human Population: Mitigation and Solutions The human population is at an all-time high. The growth of the human population is one of the challenging and important issues we face (Lima & Berryman, 2011). With the growth of our human population we face problems like economical, ecological and geographical. We as humans are doing a job on the world. Like I said before we are over working our environment, and putting a strain on our natural resource. I think that we should take a close look at our third world country. They are having so many children and they live in inhuman like environments. Our populations change are due to two thing “ the rate at which individual organisms produce offspring and the rate at which individual organisms die” (Bergi, Hager, & Hassenzahl, 2011, para. 2) The more people we have on earth we see a increases in our natural resources, water and food demand is up . One of the problems is Urbanization which is the movement of humans from rural to areas that are populated by people and business. “ Urbanization is a worldwide phenomenon, over half of the world live in a area that has over 2000 people living in it.(Berge et al., 2011) Which creates a problem because we are using more our natural resides. This effects our environment by taking over our forest, and wetlands. We are building more factories and more people are on the road which causes a problem with population .We see a high levels of sulfur and carbon oxides which effects are air quite (Bergi et al., 2011). The chart below will shows how are environment is effect in some ways by human population. Human Influence on Some Ecosystem Processes | Ecosystem Process | Human Influence | Generation of Soils | Agricultural practices have exposed soil to the weather

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