Human Photo Synthesis

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Human photo synthesis If humans were able to photosynthesize it would have great advantages and also some very bad disadvantages. Some advantages would be that we could use less land for farming. Instead we could plant more sugar Cain and plants that will help reverse global warming. We could use less fuel and resources for farming. The disadvantages of having photosynthesis is the world economy would have to completely change there would no longer be a need for, farmers, cooks, chefs, waiters, there would be no more restaurants, grocery stores, vending machines, and much much more would no longer be necessary. This would leave hundreds of thousands of people un employed. We would also look very different, in order for us to be able to use the sun light we would have to have chlorophyll in our skin, this would make us green. In order to efficantly obsorbe all of the sun light we would need we would have to sit in the sun naked or with very little cloths. Food probably wouldn’t completely go away, It would just turn into an activity, social event or, indulgence. I would still want to eat, I would just eat the junk and the things that taste good sence we would no longer have the need to supply our body with nurturance. In order for humans to photosynthisys we would have to have cloraform in our skin, we would need a constint supply of carbon dixiod to breath, water, and sunlight. We would need a way of getting the sugures made during the light phase into our intestins were it can be broken into useable energy. Photosyntheses in humans would be a good idea if it could be done safe. If it was made cheep enough it could put a stop to world hunger. It would save tons of natural resources, it would take less room to farm and people would probably be healther. Over all I believe that photosymphsys would be a great idea to have in

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