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Human Papillomavirus Jennifer Belcher Kaplan University Unit 9 Project CM107 Human Papillomavirus I. Introduction a. Hpv is a sexually transmitted disease b. Women need to know the truth about hpv II. Hpv affects the lives of women and men a. It affects their relationship III. What can be done to get rid of the virus a. The colposcopy b. The hysterectomy Human Papillomavirus Story of Jane Jane is 17 and a new mom to a little girl, Jane was very happy with her live and how everything was going till one morning she got a call from her doctor asking her to come into the office because the results were back on her pap smear showing abnormal cells, Jane was scared but the receptionist said on the phone that “it’s probably nothing” and not to worry. So Jane just thought it was just a mistake, there can’t be anything wrong with her she felt fine. A couple weeks passed by and she could not stop thinking about the abnormal pap so she made an appointment just to clear her mind and make sure everything was fine, when she got there the doctor explained to her that she had an hpv infection. He said that there was hundreds of different types of hpv ( and most are harmless but some types to cause cancer. He told her not to worry that there is a very low chance that it was cancer, but after Jane herd the word cancer come out of the doctors mouth nothing else he said she could hear, that word cancer played in her head for the rest of the day. All Jane could do was cry she was young and did not know what to do she felt her life was over. Human papillomavirus. Is a virus that affects the human skin and moist membranes such as mouth,

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