Human Nature Within Lord Of The Flies

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English author D. H. Lawrence once said, “Men! The only animal in the world to fear.” He realized what many authors have. Within human nature there is the capacity for evil, which affects all humans, no matter their race, sex or creed. Lord of the Flies depicts a story of a group of British schoolboys stranded on a deserted island. They have to rely on their own skill and wit and the natural resources found on the island to survive. However, their biggest challenge will come in taming the beast from within and keeping the evil nature that resides in each of the boys, in check. With the absence of society and the rules that govern it, inevitably their human nature leads to destruction and abuse. In Lord of the Flies, The evil side of human nature is often represented in symbols, like within ‘the beastie’. The boys create the beastie as a scapegoat for the evil and fear that plagued them while on the island. They reason the evil they suffer could only be from this higher power ‘the beastie’. Some of the boys believe fully in the existence of ‘the beastie’; while others such as Piggy, a stout boy, with a scientific train of thought, argue, “Course there isn’t a beast in the forest. How could there be? What would a beast eat?” “Pig.” “We eat pig!”(83). With this claim the boys provide an insight into Golding’s main purpose of the book, to show that the evil of the world is within human beings. ‘The beastie’ really resides within the boys and the instincts that control their actions. The only way for the boys to avoid the evil that haunts them is to hide from it behind the protective walls of society and the rules that hold it together. By the end of the book, the boys see the truth of their nature when Ralph, who is the leader of the boys, whom has all along attempted to follow and enforce the rules of his previous life. It is him whose“…mind
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