Human Intelligence Essay

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Human Intelligence Intelligence is referred to as cognitive functioning or a mental trait. The human brain processes information in order to comprehend, make decisions, implicate, plan, and learn. Intellectual capabilities include; abstraction, generalization, specialization and meta-reasoning. Researchers have identified the areas of the brain relating to intelligence are the same areas that process memory, language, and focus. Cognitive functions are based on how efficient the frontal-parietal lobe processes information. According to ScienceDaily LLC, (1995-2010), “general intelligence is determined by a network of regions across both sides of the brain.” The brain processes and transmits information through neurological networks by electrical and chemical signaling. Therefore, intelligence is defined as the capacity for abstraction of thoughts. Early and Contemporary Theories Aristotle is known as the father of psychology. He believed that knowledge is obtained through the five senses and the psyche’s capability of intelligence. He also suggests that there are two parts of intellect, passive intellect and active intellect. Passive intellect is similar to matter and active intellect is similar to form. The senses are alerted by environmental stimuli and memory is the persistence of sense impressions. Psychologist, Louis Leon Thurstone, developed techniques for multiple-factor analysis. According to Indiana University, (2007),”intelligent behavior does not arise from a general factor, but rather emerges from seven independent factors that he called primary abilities: word fluency, verbal comprehension, spatial visualization, number facility, associative memory, reasoning, and perceptual speed (Thurstone, 1938).” He analyzed data from IQ tests and found that they had different profiles of mental abilities. In 1969, Arthur Jenson had become another
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