Human Growth and Development Girl Interrupted

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Jennifer Ricci June 18, 2013 Chap. 16 Exam Human G&D Bio In the movie Girl Interrupted Susanna is diagnosed as having borderline personality disorder. Throughout the movie we watch has different circumstances in her life unravel and her decisions as to how to cope with them. The risk Susanna has is suicide attempts; her inability to cope makes her unstable. As the movie progresses we also learn Susanna was hurt as a child will could lead her to hold that against her parents and be unable to become attached to them. As the psychiatrist says she engages in promiscuous behavior which if not protected can lead to stds which has severe comlications. Strengths: Susanna does not seem to care what others think about her Weaknesses: Will never be able to fully be happy and or comfortable with a normal relationship Attachment issues Risks: Death Damaging friendships and family relationships Drug use r/t depression STDs r/t promiscuous behavior Plan/Intervention: As the movie shows someone like Susanna suffering from this illness needs to be institutionalized immediately and seek the help of a psychiatrist to begin to get a better grip on her illness. One on one counseling is the best for Susanna even though she doesn’t seem to respond to it. Another benefit would be incorporating her parents into more sessions because I believe half of the issue lies with them. Unlike the movie I don’t think it is smart to have Lisa and Susanna in such close quarters, as they are not good for each other. Psycho The issue that caused Susanna’s parents to take her to the institution was her suicide attempt; it portrays her taking an entire bottle of aspirin followed by alcohol. The events leading her to this event see to be the stress she is feeling of having a relationship with a much older married
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