Human Geography Essay

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AP Human Geography – Summer Assignment Alexis Wallace Geography is the study of the earth’s physical features and atmosphere in conjunction with human activities such as production, distribution, and consumption. In most countries geography is the focal point of all social sciences, meaning that the citizens of these countries are well informed about what geography is and why it is important for them to learn and understand the concept of geography. However, in the United States geography is typically only taught in the 1st and 2nd years of elementary leaving many Americans ill informed about the very thing they live every day. Geography is a very important subject and it should be discussed and taught beyond the first few years of primary school , every day we live geography and most everything we do influences it. Americans should especially begin teaching geography in a more serious way because America is one of the most illiterate nations when it comes to geographic knowledge “how can Americans expect to maintain a position of respect and leadership in a world of cultures and nations that we know a little about.” One of the reasons why geography is not a prevalently taught subject in school is because we live in a global age where all sorts of technology such as satellites, GPS’s, and computers exist to complete people’s geographical needs for them. Another reason why geography is not a prevalently taught subject in schools is because “so few people understand the discipline or its relevance to our everyday lives”, nevertheless the very reason as to why we should learn geography is stated in the reason as to why we don’t. We should learn geography because it plays a very big role in the lives we live and it determines our futures. Geography is a very important subject and people all over the world should learn and be knowledgeable of its subject

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