Human Experience In Poetry

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Selection #1 For this paper we have been asked to take a look at how poetry or poetic expression has a place in the “human experience”. In looking at this topic and making it personal for me I have to look at how it affects my life. I have chosen the profession of teaching for my future career, more specifically the subject of English, and looking at the future students I have poetry has very little affect on their human experience. I have learned this through my personal work with the students teaching a short section of poetry during my pre-internship to teaching. Students have found other avenues to fill the need of poetry in their life through blogs and music. The lines from these methods drive and direct them through their everyday lives and into high school. In this paper I will discuss the purpose of poetry, its unsettling death in these students and my own experience, and how I will attempt to breathe life into this art that has for so long been treasured by those that love literature and its devices. What was poetry for so many people in the past? What did it fulfill? How did it go about that? Those are all questions that involve the beginning of this discussion, the purpose of poetry. Jane Hirshfield, a known poet talked about the purpose in her journal “Poetry and Uncertainty”. Hirshfield says, “Poetry often enacts a recovering of wholeness of emotional and metaphysical balance, weather in an individual or a culture.” (63) So poetry has in innate emotional attachment to us, evoking all manner of thoughts, feelings and a balance for not only the individual but the culture as well. That goes right along with and is attached to the human experience. Emotion can change almost any situation that you are involved with; even helping you make important and vital decisions that can affect your future. Where are most of these decisions made, but in high school?
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