Human Existence, God And Human Destiny

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Question 2 “Neither lofty words nor careful reasonings can answer our questions about suffering so well as the lived example of Jesus.” (CN p24) Discuss this statement in the light of the Christian perspective /Christian view’s on human suffering. (CN pp19-24) We are reminded when we see a crucifix that Jesus suffered. Scripture tells us that God did not want to inflict suffering and death on his son. God did not will the crucifixion of Jesus as it was human beings who were acting in direct opposition to God’s will [[1]]. Despite our failings, God will always love all people because they are part of God. Christians across the world see the lived example of Jesus’ suffering through the crucifix [[2]].The way Jesus lived his life and treated other people, the stories he told, provide Christians with a model for living the mission of God calls all people to live. This mission is to be a person who loves and cares for all human beings as part of God’s family [[3]]. This means that all are invited by God to use their gifts and talents and daily lives to make a difference to the lives of others. Jesus’ mission was to spread the good news that God loves all human beings regardless of who they are, where they come from and what they have done. Jesus taught that God, as creator, is present in every human being. All human beings regardless of race, colour, sex or beliefs are considered sacred and special because they are a part of God. Every human being is important and should be treated with respect and dignity. Genesis 3:1-24 teachers us that Adam and Eve were given the gift of trust, freedom and moral decision making, however they chose to break their trust in God which led to sin entering human history and leads to pain and suffering. From our first ancestors, people have chosen to disobey God, which the Catholic Church calls original sin. Original sin is another
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