Human Evolution Essay

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Introduction Generally, there are arguments whether human beings have been doomed by their violence and aggression. Indeed, scientists are looking on these factors whether they are part of an inborn action pattern or fixed in human genetic code. In the issue of human violence, analysts are questioning whether later human evolved beyond their genes and essential human nature. Thus, several scientists have strong belief on the importance of violence in the nature and evolution of humans. They relate this premise on the new primate research as they demonstrate the continuity of aggression from great ape ancestors. This paper aims to explore on the evolutions of Later Humans. Evolution of Later Humans For many years, scholars presented their arguments about the evolution of later humans by claiming that human aggression was unique. However, other people stick to their belief that aggressive behaviors, killing, and hunting have been part of human biological traits that were inherited from earliest hominid hunting ancestors. Meanwhile, for some anthropologists, they claimed that the patterns of aggression are culturally and environmentally learned behaviors and not as inherited characteristics (Boyd, “Culture and the Evolutionary Process”). In looking at the issue regarding the violent nature of humans, it shows that people have divided perspective about it. For other concerned groups, they keep on claiming that people have killer instincts and this behavior was even shared with the nearest the chimpanzee. They argued that human violence is inherited considering that people have propensity for killing. Thus, violence and aggression are some of the behavioral traits with long evolutionary roots, and biologically inherited from basic human nature and not solely determine by a particular culture. In the research, scientists look at the comparisons between the behavior

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