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Human Environmental Hazards Essay

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Human Environmental Hazards
The environment is made up of human life or also known as the physical, chemical, biological, and the cultural of the human race. There is always something that makes people sick or cause death at all different ages. This is called a hazard or even a danger. A hazard is anything that can cause harm, disease, or death to humans, damage to personal or public property or the weakening or destruction of environmental elements. Hazards are all around a person’s everyday life. For example in their home, the air they breathe, the water and food they digest, and their workplace. The four main categories of human environmental hazards are always a factor of life.
Physical hazards can also be classified as natural disasters. This includes earthquakes, volcano eruptions, floods, hurricanes and droughts. These physical hazards can cause devastation to the world. Anyone of these natural disasters can cause death and destroy property. Physical hazards have no time line of when, where, or why they happen. The average death toll from natural disasters range from 43,000 to 200,000 each year in the United States. The majority of these deaths are in poor communities.
Cultural hazards are from people’s behavior and lifestyle choices. Cultural hazards result from eating too much, the use of addictive and harmful drugs, sunbathing, not exercising enough or by choosing hazardous occupations. Around 40% of all deaths in the U.S. can be traced to cultural hazards. Crime can also be considered as a cultural hazard because it is an action that a person takes a roll in.
A biological hazard is another category of human environmental hazards. Biological hazards are bacterial or virus infection or even other pathogens. This hazard is a communicable disease or a transmissible disease. They are referred to as epidemics like the black plague, malaria, tuberculosis, and influenza. Most of these hazards can be prevented. One-fourth of deaths in the world are due to...

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