Human Ecology Essay

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Human Ecology Human ecology is the study of relationships between humans and character, all intimately connected in a web of interactions. In the Human Ecology Programme, we see humans as part of ecosystems - not as actors having an performance on the environment 'out there', but each one of us as part of the environment of everyone else, and as part of the surrounding of every other species. 'Ecology' in commencement covers all of these relationships, but so often ecology meditation ecosystems without humans in them. We don't see ourselves as an factitious component that should somehow be excluded, to shun contaminating the study of 'natural ecosystems' - but we do see ourselves as discriminating, partially that we are the biggest persuasion on ecosystem change today, partly because we are in many ways different from all the other species. So if ecology tends to farewell us out, what might the muse of human ecology include, apart from one extra form? Humans are conscious beings that carry expressive and value to the illegitimate world, and have goals which they express through their relationship to that natural world. The behaviour of each individual parson is ascendency not just by his or her knowledge, but by his or her appraise, beliefs and goals. As different communities, civilization and societies develop, they build up their distinctive Embarrass of values and goals in kinship to nature, so that collaborations and conflicts among those clod individuals and family also contribute to the web of interactions that impact on our biosphere. Human ecology explores not only the influence of humans on their environment but also the influence of the environment on human behaviour, and their adaptive strategies as they come to understand those influences meliorate. How do these cultural, social and political interactions affect character, informally or

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