Human Development Essay

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Human Development Task 1 Cognitive Development is defined as the orderly changes by which mental processes become more complex and sophisticated (Slavin, 2009, p. 31). By understanding the way children grow and learn and the various stages of development, educators can tailor curriculum and activities to enhances and maximize learning and further development. Development is defined as “how people grow, adapt, and change over the course of their lifetimes, through physical development, personality development, social emotional development, cognitive development (thinking), and language development” (Slavin, 2009, p.31). Piaget was a biologist who became interested in psychology. In the beginning, he observed his three children to make his observations. Piaget believed he was applying biological principles to human development. His purpose was to observe why and how mental abilities changed with time. Piaget’s development theory is described as “a view of cognitive development, as a process in which children actively build systems of meaning and understanding of reality through their experiences and interactions” (Slavin, 2009, p.33). This is known as constructivism. Piaget believed children are born with the innate ability to act with and gain understanding of their world. He believed the way in which children organize and process this information was in the form of schemes described as patterns of behavior or thinking, and through adaptation and assimilation schemes are modified to continue and improve understanding (Slavin, 2009, p.31). Piaget believed the learning process is really based on a principle he created called equilibration. Equilibration is the “process of restoring balance between present understanding and new experiences” (Slaving, 2009, p.31). According to Piaget development precedes learning which means, certain cognitive structures

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