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Human Development Amy BHS325 11/24/14 Human Development Foundations of Human Development in the Social Environment In order for a human being to reach maturity, they must go through a Biological, Social, and psychological process, that helps one define who they are. This process has an influence of how we view the world, and our different interactions. Shuttleworth, who does psychotherapeutic work believes that not only does brain function help with learning but that also learning improves brain function. This is done through emotion and neurological pathways (Froggett & Richards 2002 pg 321). It is very important when working in the Human service field to understand human development and the effects on individuals. Knowing Culture, the general systems theory and the foundation of it, as well as the bio-psycho-social dimension is important in the human service field (Zastow 2010). The three dimensions that explain human behavior, and are part of human development; they are biological, psychological, and social. These dimensions all interact and construct an individual's personality and identity. The biological aspect refers to the biological systems, which refers to the body. Emotions, thoughts, and behaviors are part of the psychological dimension, and the social dimension signifies the way we get along with others in our environment. The social aspect is the interaction between individuals and groups and how they relate to each other. The three work together, and influences the make up of an individual, and what they will become. Human service workers should understand the behaviors through the bio-psycho-social dimensions in order to help clients figure out different challenges, and teach them coping skills because they can understand the behaviors. They must look at the environmental factors, family dynamics, disabilities, or psychological

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