Human Development Essay

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Nia French PSYC 1A, MWF 9-9:50 a.m. 10/25/11 Professor Foust Beginning of Human Development The development of a human from conception to birth carries drastic changes among a nine month period. There are three main stages starting from conception that lead up to the birth (Ciccarelli, 2009). The main stages of early human development are the germinal period, embryonic period, and the fetal period (Ciccarrelli, 2009). Amongst these periods of growth, there are also milestones that are overcome like critical periods due to prenatal hazards and spontaneous abortion (Ciccarelli, 2009). The first stage of human development is the germinal period. This begins with conception, which is the very moment at which a female becomes pregnant. When an ovum or egg unites with a sperm, the egg is then called a zygote. This process is called fertalization. Approximately 24 to 36 hours after conception, cell division begins. An occurrence where twins are born is a result from when the division process of mitosis fails to work. The second stage of pregnancy is known as the embryonic stage. This stage begins after implantation occurs. The developing organism is called and embryo (Ciccarelli, 2009). This period will last from two weeks after conception to eight weeks (Ciccarelli, 2009). Cells begin to differentiate and become important organs and structures ,and basic outlines are established. Structures include outlines of the nervous systems, body, as well as features like fingers, eyes, mouth, and ears can become visible near the end of the eight week period ( Cherry, 2011). Main parts like like the umbilical cord and the placenta develop also (APA, 2007). One of the most important time of a pregnancy if during the last phase, known as the fetal period (Ciccarelli, 2009). This is a time

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