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Human Cloning As technology has improved immensely over the years, human cloning has become virtually possible. Cloning is the propagating of organisms or cells as exact replicas. The subject of cloning has raised many debates about whether it is ethically wrong. There have been many issues about whether clones have souls or not and identity confusion between the real person and the clone. There is also a great amount of discussion about the technical and medical safety of cloning. Imagine growing up at a boarding school called Hailsham, where the teachers constantly reminded the students about “how special they were” all their lives. Finally graduation rolls around the corner and they students are hit with the shocking news that they are human clones, created and used specifically in order to donate their body parts and organs to human patients. These students grew up believing they were normal human beings. They were educated, had real emotions and feelings, and even formed relationships with each other as any normal human would. When they reached the age of thirty, they had no choice but to be locked up in a hospital in order to take out there organs for donation purposes and transplants. Award winning author Kazuo Ishiguro, had this idea to write a novel called, Never Let Me Go, After his book was published, it raised many questions to whether cloning is ethical and many debates over reproductive technologies. On February of 1997, news of a sheep named Dolly was announced to the world as being the first adult cell clone in history. This sparked controversy instantly was known as one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs ever and proved that it was in fact possible to clone cells into a new being. Scientist Ian Wilmut created Dolly, in hopes to create a sheep that had cells that were genetically young again, instead of premature adult cells. Soon after

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