Human Cloning Essay

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Human Cloning: Handle with Care Topic Paper Com 110 10/19/2007 Introduction : Suppose one day you could go into a lab and make the perfect human being. Suppose you could take your own genes and make a copy of them. Think of all the endless possibilities, sounds great right? This is real science. It involves real human beings. And there are risks you take when you start to play God. The fact is, since Dolly, the worlds most famous sheep was cloned , the possibility has become very real. But we must be careful of this new technology because all the endless possibilities have endless consequences. Human Cloning is an issue that is very controversial and new in today’s society. I want to address the issues of this new technology ,explain just why it is not a fairy tale come true and the unwanted consequences that could arise in the future. Rationale: This is an issue that has brought much controversy. You see and hear people debating about it on the news, internet, the radio and the television. This may not be an issue that you think would every effect you but that is not so true. This could change things in your future, your future family and have long lasting consequences that may effect the world long after we are gone. Cloning matters because, given the field’s current trajectory, it’s part of our shared future. From the food supply to the medicine cabinet, cloning technology is poised to change the way we live. But these changes are controversial. Each of us can and should participate in the debates that will shape the role cloning plays in the future. Although cloning is fairly simple, misinformation is prevalent. Arguments: Think of all the possibilities The chance for childless couples to raise a family. The chance for dying patients to harvest the organ they need to save their life. Chances for medical mysteries finally solved and

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