Human Cloning Essay

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Jason Winge 07/25/2011 English 97 Argumentative Paper Word Count: 915 Human Cloning John, a single father of two, receives a phone call when he is driving home from work and learns that his two children have been in a terrible car accident. In shock, he drops the phone in his lap, pulls over to cry, then wipes his tears and races to the hospital. Upon arrival, he locates their room and sees his children on ventilators. Moments later, Dr. Jones walks in and tells John the inevitable condition of his daughters. Dr. Jones offers his consolation and a chance for John’s children to live again, through a highly experimental procedure to clone his children. In a panic, John agrees, without knowing that this procedure is dangerous and extremely risky. Society should prohibit human cloning because of the potential risk to human life and the profound ethical dilemmas human cloning poses. Human cloning is morally unethical. Humans have rules and codes regarding the use of experiments on human subjects, designed to safeguard the right of choice. Doctors, who consider the process of cloning humans to be risky, believe that cloning humans is not taking an unknown risk, but knowingly harming humans. Medical experimentations that involve human cloning dismiss the fundamental ethical principle, which is the right to self-determination, and the right to make informed decisions concerning research. These principles, outlined in the Declaration of Helsinki, are widely regarded as the cornerstone of Human Research Ethics. Human cloning takes away rights from the individuals subjected to a high degree of risk. In addition to being morally unethical, scientists should not clone humans because of the use of genetic tailoring, called Eugenics. Eugenics is a process that scientists apply in different ways, but the essential principle is

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