Human Cloning Essay

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October 18, 2009 In the United States today, there is a major issue concerning the well being of the human race. Human Cloning has become one of the widely discussed topics throughout our nation. Do you believe conceiving a child not through birth is humane? Many people claim cloning to be unethical. The authors in the articles have stated why human cloning should be legal and practiced. Human cloning promises such great benefits. Human cloning would allow scientists to prevent genetic disease. It would allow scientists to prevent the passing down of inherited diseases. Cloning would allow us to recreate infected cells outside the patient’s body, and watch them develop from scratch. It will help scientists discover ways to diminish these diseases. Cloning would also allow scientists to refine the use of anti-biotics. Even when used correctly, they kill thousands of people each year. Finally, the most exciting developments of cloning will find ways to cure diseased organs or repair genetic effects. This will allow doctors to repair a damaged heart muscle following a heart attack. In my opinion, I believe human cloning is something people need to accept. There are many people that believe it is immoral. I believe people oppose human cloning because they are not educated enough about the topic. Researchers and doctors can and will benefit tremendously from human cloning. In The United States, most of the population is against human cloning. Many people believe it is inhuman and goes against religious morals. At the fifty-ninth session of the United Nations General Assembly, the United States stated that it supports all efforts to ban all forms of human cloning. Creating human life merely to conduct research must be outlawed. Activists state that there are two forms of human cloning. In actuality there is only one type. That type results in

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