Human Cloning Essay

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Human cloning has opened up many doors to the human species and gives us many opportunities to make our lives better and healthier. Human cloning is beneficial to the human race because, with human cloning, we are able to clone cells, help infertile couples have children, make cosmetic surgery safer, and cure diseases. Even though cloning can be very beneficial to human beings, some people think human cloning is wrong and dangerous. People don’t like human cloning for a couple of reasons. The American Medical Association and the American Association for Advancement of Science issued a formal statement against human reproductive cloning (Langiwth, 2012). This alone could make people think that if a facility such as this is against human cloning, then they should be too. Besides that, though, there are other reasons, those reasons being that there is no medical need for it, and it would demoralize individuality These reasons aren’t true, though. There are actually quite a few medical reasons for human cloning, and these medical reasons can be very beneficial to people all over the world. Reproductive cloning can cure many dangerous diseases that kill millions of people. A person’s individuality is at no risk when there is human cloning, contrary to what others may think. Just because the original has a different quality or personality trait, it doesn’t mean that the clone will have the exact same quality or trait. It will actually be very unlikely. Identical twins, though they look exactly alike, can be nothing alike mentally. They won’t necessarily have the same attitude and may have completely different interests. Human clones have their own unique thoughts. Cloning, despite the beliefs some people have, has many benefits with a very broad range from reversing heart diseases, to cosmetic surgery. Scientists believe that, if they are able to clone a human’s

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