Human Cloning Essay

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Jorge Luis Villanueva Aguilera. Essay about “Human Cloning”. May 12, 2011. Should humans be cloned? That is the question that many people all over the world have been debating. Some say it is morally wrong, that we would be nefariously attempting to "Play the role of God." However, the facts have shown that there is nothing inherently wrong with human cloning. Scientists have proved a number of times that human cloning would be nothing but beneficial to the human race, if only it was legal. If the law allowed human cloning, it would not only save lives, but it would lead to a number of advancements in scientific research, and improve the quality of life. In the past century, scientists have been assiduous workers in making numerous achievements, discoveries, and inventions, giving us the knowledge we have acquired about ourselves and about the world around us. For years, scientists have studied and made tremendous progress in cloning. For example, AIDS. This is a wellknown illness that damages the human immune system. There are treatments available, but statistics show that three million people die from AIDS each year, and yet so far, no one has been able to find a cure. With cloning, scientists could copy and create more white blood cells to fight off and kill the deadly virus. What is Human Cloning? The simplest explanation of human cloning is the creation of a copy of another human being without involving sexual reproduction using sperms and eggs. How is this done? In this case the nucleus of a cell, that is, from the donor (which has to be cloned) is isolated from the cell. This nucleus is then inserted into an egg whose nucleus has already been removed. The egg is then subjected to chemical treatment or jolts of electricity. This results in the integration of the donor nucleus with the host egg and triggers cell division. Once a desired level of

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