Human Cause of Global Warming Essay

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The Human Cause of Global Warming On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina made landfall with the coast of Louisiana. As a fully developed category five hurricane, its wind speeds reached forces of approximately 125 miles-per-hour with hammering rainfall, enough to be combined with the traumatic wind to knock down houses and uproot trees. This was the largest and most catastrophic hurricane to hit the Gulf Coast since 1969. For days, the citizens of Louisiana that lived near or on the coast had to take shelter in attics or on their rooftops just waiting for a helicopter rescue. Some even tried to swim for safety but were not lucky enough to survive. There were 1,464 fatalities confirmed from Katrina, according to the deceased reports from the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals (Reports of Missing and Deceased). The devastating destruction of Katrina impacted the whole nation, but this could have been prevented; without the effects of human-influenced global warming, Hurricane Katrina might not have been as catastrophic. All over the world, people have blamed temperature and carbon dioxide to be incoherent or to have a noticeable lag between each other and the sun cycles to be the cause of global warming only to be disproved by data charts of past temperature and carbon dioxide and sun cycle comparisons to temperature within the last 100 years. Some environmental activists have even considered that the environment could be doing this to the earth and that this is just a natural occurrence that happens about every 1,500 years. The public still debates whether or not global warming is caused by human activity. Though society has not come to a conclusion about who has caused global warming, others have; scientific communities have come to a consensus that global warming is caused by carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by humans. Humans have

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