Human Capital Management and Leadership Styles

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Human Capital Management and Leadership Styles Mary Carroll Colorado Technical University Professor; Cynthia Sobotka 11\16\2014 Phase1 Discussion Board 2 Explain details about the type of leadership styles in which John and Shawn portray. Laissez-faire leadership, furthermore recognized as delegative leadership, is a form of Leadership style whereas managers are hands-off along with authorizing individual to make decisions.Laissez-faire leadership is considered to be someone such as John, a person that is lacking supervision. John Dawson the Chief Executive Officer and the (COO) appears to give his employees, without restrictions to be decisions makers. Leaders should be responsible for the implementation and resources required. Individual followers are required to find a method of dealing effectively with complications without assistance (Cherry, n.d.). John leadership style is not perfect in circumstances whereas he lacks the experience or else the understanding in which is required to be in charge and direct his workers in order to follow through with responsibilities as well as making resolutions. Many individuals are not skillful enough when it comes to positioning a cutoff date of their own, handling individual projects, and getting to the bottom of a problem without help. In John situations, in which he is basically focusing on the rivalry and risk of going under, John did not seem to have the matters regarding the workers in his best interest’s the future of AGC can get off the right path and time limit is capable of being overlooked if workforce do not obtain enough information from John as to exactly what is happening to the corporation. The employees might feel that John leadership style indicates that he is disinterested, if so the outcome of workers might initiate scarcity. Seeing as John give the impression that he is

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