Human Capital Management Essay

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Clorissa Sippey Human Capital Management Colorado Technical University Online July 14, 2014 Human Capital Management Human capital management is an approach to employee staffing that perceives people as assets whose current value can be measured and whose future value can be enhanced through investment. One must have a full understanding of what human capital management is before they can ensure that it is being utilized in their business. John and the board of directors need to understand human capital management prior to make sure that the bottom line is going to increase. How should I approach the board? First you will want to explain what human capital management is and how it will help everyone involved. Explain exactly how this will better the company as a whole and not just the bottom numbers. The board needs to understand the basic concept of human capital management and how it will affect the bottom line. They also need to know the in between information to help get the company going in the right direction. How should I deliver my message without embarrassing the board about its lack of knowledge about human capital management? The board may not be aware of certain aspects of human capital management and it is up to you to give them all of the details. The board needs to understand that if they better the employees that the future of their employment will be more enjoyable. All the employees must meet specific goals daily, monthly, quarterly or yearly depending on the type of business. For AGC each employee should be responsible for all goals and fi the goals are not met then it is up to management to do a couple of different things. One would be to look to make sure the goals are reasonable for all employees. Second would be to look to see if all employees are having issues meeting these goals. Third would be to look to see if there is a
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