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The human brain is a fascinating thing that works very much like a computer, there are three stages we go through if we would like to store information in our long-term memory (p. 20) the first stage is Sensory memory stage, this is when information enters your brain through your senses, like touch, hear, feel, see, and taste, after the information has entered your brain your sensory memory only holds it for less than a second, in which time it is transform over to your short term memory also known as the working memory because this area also has current information that is being used , this is the second stage of your memory process, information in this stage memory is stored for anywhere from 15-30 seconds. Information in this section can be lost if not rehearsed, when you rehearse the information that is in your short term memory not only does it help you transfer that information into your long term memory, but it also helps you recall that information later when you need it, failed to rehearse the information can lead to decay of information, that is when you unable to recall information since you have not used it in a long time. (p. 22) the third and final stage of memory is the Long term memory, where deeply processed information is stored like your implicit memory and explicit memory (p. 23) your implicit memory is the memories that are easier to do then describe and explicit memory are things people know like daily events (p. 23) The information that is stored in your long-term memory helps us deal with everyday life, with explicit memory we are able to conduct every day task with ease, and helps us with our critical thinking. With classical thinking it allows our bodies to deliver a conditioned response, (p. 5) this is how we learn right from wrong, and helps us process information more clearly and understand the outcome of decisions. I have had

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