Human Brain Essay

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Creativity doesn’t happen magically; it occurs in the right brain. Creativity is the ability to exceed traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships to create meaningful original ideas, forms, methods, etc. (“Creativity”). The process of creativity isn’t finalized but there are many brain science studies that have lead up some theories. Two theories are whether the process of creativity happens psychologically or neurologically. There are three experts that have been studying and discovering the development of creativity; they are Mark L. Fox, Jonah Lehrer, and Jin Nam Choi. They are all trying to confirm the process of creativity and whether it happens psychologically or neurologically. According to their studies, creativity is a psychological process since creativity involves two parts: originality and functionality. Mark L. Fox questioned the process and how it fits in with the problem solving process. He discovered that there is basic five-step process to creativity and how to solve problems. The five steps are goal, creative thinking, prioritization, plan/take action, and evaluation. First of all, a goal may be unclear, off target, or wrong, but creative thinking implements can help evaluate, aid, define, and/or change the goal. The mind after will try to generate as many new and creative ideas as it can. This is the most overlooked and time consuming step because the more ideas to choose from, the better chance of finding a solution. Next, the ideas must be prioritized to allow creative thinking to be straight forward. Then, those ideas must be planned and then take some action. We have to develop a plan and perform it. The key in this step is to take the time to generate new and innovative ideas before trying to think around them (Fox 6). This idea involves the psychological mind because it deals with the mental part in your mind. By thinking of the

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