human body poetry

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How has the human body been used in poetry? Consider at least two poets in your answer. In poetry, the human body has been used to convey certain messages. It has been used in the literal sense and also in a metaphorical sense, in which to represent something different. It can be used to provoke imagery, which then allows the reader to relate to what the poet has to say and also to make something which may have been perceived as abstract into something which is more understandable. Jane Hirshfield has demonstrated how the human body can be used in poetry in her poem, ‘A Hand’ in which she claims that the human hand is not just a hand but rather something deeper. Walt Whitman is also a poet who uses the human body to convey a certain message to the readers. In his poem, ‘I Sing the Body Electric’ the human body is celebrated and he suggests it is an important aspects of people coming together. The poem ‘A Hand’ appears quite a simple poem at first glance, only being eighteen lines long, and the majority of these lines are quite short, however after having read the poem there appears to be a much deeper aspect, to this simplistic looking poem. Poet Rosanna Warren has said: ‘Her poems appear simple, and are not.’ This could be suggestive that the hand is seen to be somewhat simple, and has no other purpose to it rather that something humans take for granted in their lives, but always hinting at the other purpose of meaning of ‘A Hand‘. The language used by Hirshfield also appears quite simplistic, and poet Rosanna warren has said, “Her language in its cleanliness and transparency, poses riddles of a quietly metaphysical nature…..clause by clause, image by image, in language at once mysterious and commonplace. Hirshfield’s poems clear a space for reflection and change.” The imagery in this poem is also very uncomplicated which also suggests that humans see the
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