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Human Behaviors Essay

  • Submitted by: RuthyyBenitez1
  • on December 3, 2013
  • Category: English
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Ruth Benitez’s Portfolio
Focus on Human Behavior
Advanced English 100
You walk into a class room full of students, you don’t know anybody and you’ve never been good at making friends because the pretty girls didn’t think that you were good enough in the 5th grade. Since, you never speak in class, you have two friends and your existence feels slim, you crept through middle school and now you are going into high school and insecurity is written all over your forehead, deep inside you love talking, you enjoy people, but in your mind you are scared that people aren’t going to accept you because you don’t wear Prada and because you don’t grease your lips up with lip gloss.
Insecurities are long lasting, once they happen they’re hard to get rid of. From young age many people develop timidities, scared of being judged again or being embarrassed, Creating anxieties and fear towards communicating; new people, their image, social events and so many other things. How is it that one moment can be the source to such a painful insecurity that will bind into to our conscience, staying there until we are strong enough to unleash ourselves from this illness. How is it that we allow an insecurity to stop us from doing what we want and influence our emotions to such an extent? We all have lack of self-confidence, some more than others. In my opinion one of the best paths to happiness is confidence. This generation is flourishing with beauty, which adds so much pressure on women today… Adding insecurities and unnecessary weight on women’s shoulders, when people should be content with what they have. You are the way you are, you can’t change it, embrace it and learn to love it. This is something that many people do not understand. Instead they modify their image, they are anti-social, they hide in the corners and merely exist in the world of self-assurance. Stating that a person is insecure is only the beginning; there are many behaviors in the box of insecurities....

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