Human Activity & Climate Change Essay

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Human activity & Climate Change Your Name: University Name: Course Name: Instructor Name: Date: Human activity & Climate Change Yes, I agree with the given statement that “Human activity, especially the burning of fossil fuels, is a major contributor to climate change”. In this more globalized or technological environment, the climate of the world is a more complex system and it changes naturally or via human activities. For instance, the interface between the ambiance & ocean, variation of earth from its path, and the amends in energy that are received from the sun are the natural factors that are responsible for the climate changes. Along with this, global warming is not the result of natural factors but it is the outcomes of human activities (Pappis, 2010). Along with this, (IPCC) the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is a scientific advisory body that is formed via the United Nations in order to evaluate and observe the major reasons of the climate changes. According the report of the IPCC, human activities are the main cause of climatic changes in the current times. For instance, the warmth up to 0.75 degrees Celsius is abided via the earth (Dessler & Parson, 2009). Moreover, the levels of mountains as well as seas have increased, and ice bergs & glaciers have thawed. All these changes are responsible for the terrible disasters such as: floods & famines in the future decade. Apart from this, the burning fossil fuels are the major contributor to the climate changes. The main reason behind it is that, the burning fossil fuels liberate carbon dioxide gas to the environment. In addition to this, it also discharge heat-trapping greenhouse gases (GHGs) into the ambiance. Furthermore, greenhouse gases as well as aerosols influence climate via changing incoming solar radiation & outgoing infrared radiation that are that part
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