Hum176 Internet and Information Paper

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Hello Friend, I would have to say in my own opinion that there are many good things that I can do with the internet. There is really almost no limit to the information that you can find on numerous subjects on the internet. I can find information a lot faster than if I did not have the internet, so it does make things simpler. However, finding the information is easy it deciding or determining if the information is reliable and credible that is the most difficult. When it's time for me to research a subject whether it is for academic, work or personal projects then the Internet is usually one of the first places I go. The breadth and depth of information is astounding, almost overwhelming, sometimes highly accurate and useful, and other times totally worthless. A smart researcher knows how to find the information she needs, how to determine what is credible, reliable and objective, and recognizes when it's time to discard or ignore the information that is phony, and may be dangerous. I usually will follow the guidelines below to find the information that will be most helpful to me. To get the most credible information on the internet on a subject I will usually check and see if there is a .gov site or .edu site with information on the subject. Remember that anyone can publish anything they want on the Internet, true or false. It's up to me to determine which information is true and credible. I Trust my intuition. Like the old adage, if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is. I stay as objective as I can. I also make sure to stick with well-respected websites for the most credible and objective information. I always find at least a second reference to confirm my findings. I will try and find a third reference, too, if I have enough time. There are few exceptions to this rule, but in general, if you can't find the information duplicated in more than two or

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