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30 week assignment Hinduism: Karma and Reincarnation Hinduism: Karma and Reincarnation Pamela D King Phoenix University Hinduism: Karma and Reincarnation Hinduism is a faith based upon the karma and reincarnation. It is a religion that is the third largest of the worlds religions and one of the oldest. Most people ho practice this faith live in India. The faith says there is a circle of life that includes birth in a bodily form, death of the human body and rebirth were the soul takes in to another body to achieve supreme karma. Based on each individuals karma it dictates where they are placed in the next life and where they are placed in the caste system. Hinduism is the world’s oldest religion and they have a very strong belief system in reincarnation and karma. Karma according to their faith occurs when a persons actions whether that be good or bad decide that persons destiny or outcome in the life they are currently living and in previous lives. In this religion it is the belief that over the course of one’s lifetime that they will accrue karma. Good karma is awarded for well-behaved actions in life and bad karma is also awarded by foul actions. Karma is earned and passed down and carried through to each person’s preceding lives by reincarnation. Good karma earns someone a place in the caste system for future lives. This belief of Karma and how it works is not believed to by governed by any kind of God or Gods. Some believe that someone creates his own destiny through the events in his life. Karma is passed down to each life through reincarnation which is the belief that when a person dies his soul passes on to another body to live another life. Hinduism has a belief system that people live many lives and have many experiences based upon karma passed down. People have to live many lives to accomplish

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