Hum111 Week 2 Assignment Essay

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Clean Energy The use of oil has been an ever-growing issue in the United States in recent years. There are those who support clean energy, and there are those who support the continued use of oil as a main source of energy. The use of oil, whether off-shore, or within the United States, is getting more expensive by the day. The opposing matter, clean energy, is going to be quite expensive initially, but will be less costly in the long run. Though it would be easy to continue the use of oil, developing alternative and cleaner methods is going to make the world a better place in the future. The problem with each matter is the cost to the American citizens. Oil is our current predominant source of energy. While it has been the source of energy for many years, it affects the lives of people negatively in a number of ways. One of these ways is shown in the wallet of the average person. As the predominant source is dwindling, it is costing Americans more each day. The main form of transportation is through driving a vehicle. Many people have heard from their parents, or grandparents “When I was your age, the cost of gas was $0.50, and a candy bar was a penny”, or a similar story. The idea of that is such a dream today. The price of gas is presently far more expensive. In return the cost of everything increases as well. While this is happening, the value of money decreases and it is difficult for many people to keep their head above water. Clean energy can have a positive impact on our communities. Jobs will be created, and cost will go down. Tobin and Boyadjis (2010) “Renewable energy requirements may also increase the short-term cost of energy in some locations and not significantly affect the cost in other areas. Over the long-term, however, it is expected that renewable sources will provide energy at lower costs with less variability.” Clean energy will
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