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HUM-205, Week 3, Assignment: Classical Societies Essay By Jennifer Schilhaneck University of Phoenix Instructor: Elisabeth Nicholes July 8, 2012 Classical Greece (Athena Nike Adjusting Her Sandal, 2005-2012) This marble sculpture is a segment from the Athena Nike Temple and Parapet. It was built during the Peloponnesian War which was hard on the Athenians and they suffered several defeats. (Athena Nike Parapet Frieze, 2012) With the war’s outcome unknown they choose to depict Nike not in a narrative manor but choose to concentrate instead on the folds of the dress she is wearing. (Athena Nike Parapet Frieze, 2012) It depicts the God Nike which means victory, adjusting her sandal. (Athena Nike Parapet Frieze, 2012) This piece romanticizes the female form and gives a beautiful and very expressive example of the talent it took to create this piece. (Athena Nike Parapet Frieze, 2012) This piece looks as if she could come alive and the form of her legs and torso under the drapery of the dress Nike is wearing, it’s as if one can see through the dress. (Athena Nike Parapet Frieze, 2012) This piece was created in a time of war and Athenians suffered several losses. (Athena Nike Parapet Frieze, 2012) Before this time sculpture was more realistic and depicted what is seen in real life but this is more formal and leans to what is more pleasing the eye. (Athena Nike Parapet Frieze, 2012) Suffering losses in war may be the reason behind this change in the way sculptor was created, with being surrounded with suffering and hardship looking at pleasing, above average depictions of their gods may have giver the people visiting this temple hope in something better. (Athena Nike Parapet Frieze, 2012) Nike adjusting her sandal is located at the Acropolis Museum, in Athens, Greece. (Athena Nike Adjusting Her Sandal, 2005-2012) Hellenistic Greece (Jockey of Artemision, Marsyas, 2006)
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